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TB1 is a single testing station, dedicated to testing the small and medium productions. Its size and the lack of a ground basement (available as an accessory) allow it to be directly inserted into production lines or next to processing or assembling machines for immediate testing of the items being produced.

  • Manual or robot driven feeding.
  • Pneumatic equipment integrated within the structure and protected by environmental agents.
  • Print out of the production parameters and the test certifications.
  • Actuators for locking and pneumatic handling or CNC
  • Fast change equipment on fixed position or on pallet .
  • Menu driven valve tuning ability.
  • Water meters
  • Gas stabilizers
  • Gas taps
  • Adapter flanges
    Productivity: 200-600 pieces per hour
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      documento pdf Tb1
    Flow test Alluminium Diecast
      documento pdf TB1
    Flow test Fittings
      documento pdf TB1
    Leak and flow test Gas Tap

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