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The TBR8 machine is a flexible module, dedicated to the assembly and check up of various parts at high production cycles. Its incredible flexibility allows it to face the largest variety of market requirements.
Its ability to be recycled in case of a production change is almost total, only the dedicated equipment is to be replaced whilst all the units, thanks to circular ribbed grooves can easily be moved to different positions.

  • 4 to 16 stations can be configured, with up to 16 pieces of equipment on the bench for a zero time equipment change owing to the CNC bench.
  • Manual or automatic load also from line or robot.
  • Electric and pneumatic integrated circuit within the structure for easy handling.
  • Gas taps
  • Ball valves
  • Shutters
  • O ring cartridges
  • Ruby injectors
  • "One way" valves
  • Ball bearings
    Productivity: 1,200-1,400 pieces per hour

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      documento pdf Tbr8
    Assembly ODS Gas Analizer
      documento pdf TBR8
    Assembly and testing Top Burner
      documento pdf TBR8
    Assembly and testing Gas Tap
      documento pdf TBR8
    Assembly Solenoid pneumatic valves
      documento pdf TBR8
    Leak test and flow tuning Gas Tap
      documento pdf TBR8
    Leak test Ceramic Erd Taps
      documento pdf TBR8
    Leak test Fittings

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