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CE Certified, verification and tuning according to EN, DIN and UL norms.



Its architecture, based on a Personal Computer guarantees spare parts of total commercial availability and, owing to the PENTIUM processors fitted, it allows the best testing quality in a shorter time.

  • Real time graphical visualization of the physical phenomena during the testing phase up to 16 channels at 16 bits.
  • Easy to fit within lines or testing benches, it may replace obsolete tightness and load tools thus increasing the production and the quality.
  • Continuous archiving (even on a network location) of all values for testing, quality and productivity.
  • Direct control panel 64 inputs / outputs without the need of a PLC.
  • All the applications described in the following machines are executed using a TV16 unit.
    Productivity: Between 1 and 7,200 pieces per hour
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